X axis issue

Any particular reason my x carve would not cut as deep on the x axis of letters? For instance on the letter H it turns out l l and the bar across to make the H is either not there or very very faint

Yes, your surface board is most likely sitting lower (relative to Z) where your H is.

For depth critical work I recommend you add a 2nd layer of surface board (1/2" MDF is fine) and do a skim cut on that.
A skim cut is just a large surface carve to get rid of the highs so the top surface is level relative to Z.

You might also consider the font that you’re using.
As an example, (using a V bit) the center of this image
will not cut as deep as the uprights.

thank you

indeed thank you

absolutely. thank you

it was that font and a v bit! any suggestions?

I have a large piece of MDF I am going to use is there a place to get instructions on how to do the skim cut?

You must be very precise with setting your Z zero when using a v-bit for detail. You’ll also need flat stock.

Dont over-complicate it, skim cut is simply a large rectangle carving, use for instance 3/4" wood bit and take shallow passes - until an even surface is achieved.

You have several options.

  1. Use a smaller V bit angle ex. 30° as opposed to 60°
    If you use a smaller angle, you may very well have to limit the depth of cut.
  2. Change to a different font.
  3. If you have to use the current font, modify the letters.

it was a 1/8 30 degree single flute bit how would I modify the letters? I am very new to this and not real computer savvy if you couldn’t already tell lol.

Well, It looks like you go the right bit.
I just took the H and modified the nodes of the cross bar.
You can do that with any vector.

Could you do the 3rd grade answer like you did in the other thread? can I do that in Easel because that is the only software I am currently using. thank you Jan V

I’m sorry but I don’t know anything about Easel.
I use Vectric Desktop.
You might ask someone else on here.
There are a number of people on here that are very qualified to help you out.

If push comes to shove, I would be happy to look at the file for you and possibly make some changes to help you out.