X Axis Motor on XCP problems

Hey All,

Anybody ever had to replace the X-Axis motor? Our X-Axis isn’t moving at all. Checked limit switches, removed right side plate and it moves freely left to right manually, so no obstruction. Removed the cable, check continuity through the female connector to the 6 pin connector that’s plugged into the motor. the last few weeks its has been making some strange “rattling and vibration noises”, so my guess its a bad motor. Tech support is closed…I get it, but when you buy an expensive machine and production comes to a halt, its annoying. Like I said its understandable and machines break.

The only small movement is rebooting the Controller and Easel then unlocking and clicking on the X left or right. It makes a small noise then dead.

Just looking for Ideas while we patiently wait for tech support.


What are your grbl settings?

And do you by chance move the gantry around by hand at all? This will backgred voltage to the driver in the controller and will cause the driver to burn up, whether the machine is powered on or off.

You could swap the x and z axis on the back of the contoller to see if the issue changes place, if it does then youd know its not the stepper or wiring but rather the driver within the controller…

Thanks for responding!

The machine was turned off and I followed the trouble
shooting guide if the X Axis is stuck. Removed the right side plate and just slightly moved the gantry.

Good point, I’ll swap the X/Y on the back of the controller!

Thank you!

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Looks like the driver in the controller. Swapped X and Y1, the machine goes left and right on the X, but not Front to back on the Y.

Hopefully they can send a file to repair or some sort of firmware.

Thanks again Seth!

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