X axis moves in the opposite direction

X axis goes in opposite direction when i test it… so when I cut, image is mirrored… any idea what is wrong?

Check out the wiring here. It involves manually switching two wires. It was the black and green to make both Y motors move together in the same direction.

With two motors on the y axis facing each other, you’ll need to flip one of the y pairs for the motors to move in the same direction. The diagram above shows the black and green wires flipped on Y2.


You can also change the direction in EASEL setup.


Also, check for loose wires. I was changing some of my probe wires and 2 wires for my X stepper came loose and it was moving backwards.

When my x axis is supposed to move left it moves right, and opposite for the other side… …it cuts my project out in mirrored image… I’ve checked my wiring and it’s correct.

Have you checked the GRBL $3 settings? Set incorrectly and your port direction will be inverted.

Do you mean the wiring in back…of the x controller? I’m not sure what you mean by $3?

It’s a configuration setting. If you run Easel setup, it will direct you to change the $3 setting.

You can change the direction of any stepper motor using one or two ways:
1 - Software, run the Machine setup and correct/confirm direction of travel
2 - Hardware, swap one of the motor wire pairs (any one pair will do)

Thank you…i let the software do it and that worked but now it’s still not cutting my design correctly…I used the probe to center my starting point…0 my center in the software, and I’m doing 2 step carving that I watched on Paw Paw … add you can see in picture it appears to be carving out the letters, (in the video it leaves chunks that look like letters, but appears to happen when you put the 60 bit in) and then it drags through everything and cuts a weird design on the right side… in cutting first i believe with the 1/16 first.