X Axis Not Square to Y Axis

Hi Everyone

I am completely new to this so, please help!

I finished assembling my 1000mm X Carve a couple days ago. It was doing amazing until yesterday. I noticed the cuts started drifting about 1/8" up and to the right. Grabbing a square I found the X axis had become out of square with the Y axis. Everything is square and level except for the left gantry plate where it meets the makerslide. I have included pictures of the left and right below. I am pretty overwhelmed and could use any input from the community.

Thanks in advance!

You’ll notice that when the motors aren’t on that there is flex in the x axis. That is the time to put it square to the Y axis. Then turn the motors on. The motors will hold it in that position through the program you run. One guy here uses a couple blocks of wood as a gauge to do that. He sets them in front of the riser plates.

Thanks for the info I will have to give a shot!

when you move your carriage to the middle and back of the machine do you get the same results? it appears you have a bow from the riser plates to X axis. Typically if you make sure your machine is square you can resolve the issue similar to what you are seeing. PawPaw or Phil Lunsford has a good video on it but I am not sure this is what your problem actually is.

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That video Phil made is great! I used that method to square up mine and it’s nice and straight now.