X axis redesign

I started a different thread about a common problem I was having with the x axis deflecting and it has lead to a point were we have started talking about a redesign of the x axis and would like to make a thread just about that.

Only way I see right now is to drop enclosed box design of X axis carriage and use something that would allow to grow the extrusions up for more material.

I was actually just discussing this with a friend the other day. The existing design isn’t BAD, the X-rails themselves just need to be a lot stronger to prevent twisting and flexing. Just using heavier material and a better shape would do the trick. We were talking about just a single piece of heavy-wall steel square tube, with the V-rails bolted to the front and back instead of the paired makerslides.

Someone on my other thread mentioned something similar to this as well. It would certainly make things stiffer, the trick would be to get the width and height correct.

Well, if we’re talking a complete re-design, the size would be whatever you want it to be, since you’d be building a new X-slide instead of using the stock extrusion. Wouldn’t be too tough, and could use something better than the eccentric nuts to maintain tension, too.

That would be a massive improvement. I am so sick of dealing with those things.

Well, it wouldn’t be that bad if you were setting up your own carriage. You could fairly easily add a swing arm, and even a big spring to keep the v-wheel firmly engaged…

Yeah, that’s what I was looking at as well. I mentioned that if I was re-doing it, I’d just pick a size of heavy-wall tube and make my carriage to fit.

What we ran into, my friend and I, was that after not very long at all we were better off just completely dumping the entire X-Carve frame and building our own. And right after that came the realization that we may as well dump belts and go to screws… etc. By the time we got done with our re-design, about all that was left was the stepper motors, the general shape, and the X-controller. lol

That’s exactly the same conclusion we came to. I’m going to just stick with my stiffening mod, and maybe a couple stiffeners on the Y-rails, and use it just like that.

Once I have the experience down and can build up some more shop cash, I’ll probably build up something 4-axis capable and much stiffer.