X-axis stiffening


I am having some issues with my machine, so I thought I finally bite the bullet and do some long overdue overhauling.
I know that one of my stepper cables has a bad connection, I will add supports along the Y-axes, I need to clean out the Z threadnut, add Y-rail chip protection, etc. you know the whole works including really trying to square it up and make it as good as I can get it. If I’m going to take it apart, better do it all in one go. Obviously I want to make the X-axis more rigid, as I’mhaving trouble getting decent speeds on aluminium.

So the question is: which method would provide the stiffest result

this one:

or bolting through the makerslide (I don’t mind drilling them at all) with a flat piece of steel in between?

Or anything else?

If i’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right!

especially since the 30/60 minute mod puts the stiffening along the X axis. Even if you use flat strips on top and below, they are prone to bend along with the X axis sag.

However, if you place the steel perpendicular between the makerslideprofiles, it should structurally be much more stiff.

in theory that is… :slight_smile:

I agree with that assessment. I did go a step further and mount my y-axis rails directly to a squared surface for my aluminum milling machine to prevent flex of any kind. But it is a much smaller machine so this may not be practical for you. This mod also reduces z-clearance to just over 1/2" (but I didn’t think I would be milling metals over a half inch).

Problem is, this machine is so superior to my 1000mm x-carve that now I am working on taller plates to hold the gantry so I can mill up to 1.5" thick. Hopefully this will not compromise rigidity. .25" aluminum is on order for this mod:

Notice the x-axis makerslides and the stepper mount are now centered - hopefully that will gain some rigidity by reducing the angle of force applied by the router (shorter lever arm).