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X Axis takes off in wrong direct when Carve is clicked

In Manual the spindle can be jogged in the in correct direction. When I go to carve it goes left and hit the side of the rail. For giggles I opened up a new profile and set the x Axis to “No” saying it when the wrong way when manual checking direction even though it went the right way. So I tried again, manually as I expected it goes to opposite direction. When I try to carve it takes off the right direction from the left lower corner and now slams into the right rail. I tried re downloading the driver etc… but still takes of in the opposite directs than it moves manually and hits the rail. Please help

Does your wiring look like this?

I might set up the xcarve by going through the computer set up part again and then I’d check the GRBL settings $$ entered into the console window.

X-Carve Instructions: Computer Setup (

This is the GRBL setting chart where you can change the direction of the axis: $3 is the setting that you want to check.

When I wired mine, I looked at the color diagram and they all looked the same. But they’re not. I had the Y2 wired like the rest so the two motors tried going in different directions. I’d say double check the order of your colored wires.

Have you checked your design to make sure there are no areas to be carved that are off to the left?

From your initial description:

To me, the fact that it jogged in the correct directions initially, but went left when you started the carving operation points to the design having something off to the left of the X - Zero position.


Brandon Parker