X axis uneven cutting deeper on the right side

New to this and don’t have a lot of experience. When doing any cuts the project always cuts deeper on the right side of the project. When doing through cuts I’m able to get the right side out but not so easy of the left side. It requires me doing extra cutting on the board use a knife or something similar.

I have checked all the measurement and everything seems good. I have set the bit in the waste board on the right side and moved it to the left and there is about 1/8" difference.

Is there a calibration or something else I can perform to get this corrected? I have pictures but not sure how to add them to the post.

I myself fixed that issue by leveling the waste board using the largest bit I had and ran it flat across the waste board taking off as little as possible to get it level all the way across and back.

Hope that help. good luck