X axis wont move

so finally got the build done and got to the point of setting up the machine, the problem is when i test the x axis you can tell it wants to move but it doesnt, it just grunts and the pully wiggles. The z and y axis work fine, so im not sure what to think. I checked the eccentric nuts, the set crews in the pulley, and the belt tension. Any other thoughts?

If you’ve checked all of your tensions, see if the wiring looks correct. If it does, you could slip the belt off the x axis motor and see how the motor performs when it’s not under a load. You could also try connecting the motor to one of the other axes on the shield, and see if it’ll move that way.

It was an issue with the wiring. I dont know what the green hubs that you screw the wires into on the gshields are called but a couple of the wires had slipped out. Thanks guys!