X-Carriage Assembly Problems

I’m having some issues with my X-Carriage. During assembly, I ensured all 4 eccentric nuts were installed with the dots opposite their opposing V-Wheels as instructed. Upon trying to install the X-Carriage onto the MakerSlide Rail, I noticed two problems. First, even with the eccentric nuts in their loosest position, the X-Carriage is extremely tight on the MakerSlide Rail. Second, one of the two Smooth Idler Pulley’s is making contact with the MakerSlide Rail, such that it will NOT spin when the X-Carriage is installed on the MakerSlide Rail. At this point, I started looking very closely at my X-Carriage assembly, assuming I assembled something in error. Upon close inspection, I noticed some things that concern me. I noticed that the Fixed V-Wheels are visually out of axial alignment. See picture…

I used a set of calipers and verified they are not aligned. Both fixed V-Wheels on the stepper motor side of the carriage are 50 thousandths of an inch (0.050”) lower than the fixed V-Wheels on the non-stepper motor side of the carriage. See pics…

This, combined with one of the smooth idler pulleys being unable to spin freely when the X-carriage is on the MakerSlide Rail, seems to point to a machining error of the X Carriage Extrusion, and not an assembly error.

Any help or input would be appreciated. Thanks.

If the holes are not horizontally aligned for the top set of v-wheels, you have a manufacturing issue on the X-Carriage. I would contact Inventables Customer Support and discuss the issue with them. Considering this appears to be a manufacturing issue, they should definitely take care of sending you a replacement X-Carriage.


Brandon R. Parker

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