X-carriage limit switch issue

Just finished the build of my 1000mm machine! That is the good news. The “bad” news is that when running through the testing of the limit switches the Y and Z axis limit switches work perfect but the x limit switch is not properly engaging and is continuously “knocking” against the x-carriage and not fully tapping the limit switch and stopping.

Took a picture and you can see there is a sliver of space between the bolt and switch and therefore not fully tapping the switch to tell it to stop. I also loosened the limit switch to make sure it was pushed all the way towards the x carriage frame as possible and the same situation persists.

Any suggestions on what to do? Attached a photo


Loosen the nut and move it towards the switch so it engages, from what i remember there is no exact placement shown in the assembly instructions

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Your switch is hitting the bolt head. I’d Make sure the metal lever on the limit switch is out far enough to engage when it hits the spacer. The lever acts against a button behind it to activate the switch. These switches aren’t the heaviest duty, and the metal can bend. Use care if you need to bend it out. I bought extra switches and have already replaced 3-4 of them. One was broken before I even put it on. The one that came with my cnc4newbies Z axis is a lot beefier. I used longer spacers too because I had extras from earlier iterations of my shapeoko2. If you can rearrange the bolt and spacer, that may help too. I’d guess your crash bent the lever. You can see how far my spacer is away from the end of the makerslide. As Steve above said, move it out some more.

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Thank you both, I ended up finishing the build at midnight and my brain was mush on the obvious. Moved in the bolt on the maker slide slightly and I’m all good now. Thanks again.