X Carriage more wheels?

I have an X-Carve with a 1000mm wide makerslide for the x axis. I’ve been chasing flex for a while and I now think that the x carriage has a little too much flex, I can get noticeable deflection when boring holes in wood.

Has anyone added additional wheels or bearings in the opposing direction to the existing wheels? It seems like that would beef things up quite a bit.


the X carriage has wheels on both sides?


where are you suggesting new wheels be placed

I just threw this together, but I thought something like this, so if the existing wheels apply pressure in the vertical axis, these wheels would resist movement in the horizontal axis. Does that make sense?

if the V-wheels are tight then there should be very little movement in any direction.

but there is no reason that you could not modify your carriage if you wanted.

I would make sure that you have equal pressure on both sides to prevent binding, you will also need some way to adjust preload (place tension) on the axis.

I can’t find it now, but there is a video of a guy using three pieces of aluminum flat stock and making an I-Beam that fits into the gantry to stiffen it.

He drills & taps the aluminum and then assembles it after sliding the flat stock into the gantry. I think he got everything at Home Depot.

I plan on doing it soon.

Edit:Found it:-> https://www.pinterest.de/pin/494833077792067557/

that was with the old two piece makerslide. that modification would not work with the newer one piece makerslide.

the OP stated that he has the new wide makerslide.

he could however use the stiffening mod on the Y axis

Seems to me that there is something else in play here.
You may want to recheck your V wheels to make sure they have the proper set and tension.
Any holes that I bore are spot on.