X-Carve 1000 for sale Portland OR - $800

Selling my Inventables 1000mm X-Carve. Looking to free up some space in the garage for new projects. I bought this machine off of another guy just outside of Portland who had assembled it. I’ve only had to make a few adjustments here and there. It works as is but certainly, like I think all x-carves use a little adjustment here and there.

This is not the most current version of the x-carve. It is the most updated version right before the current one came out. I did replace the old 2 piece x axis with the new single piece “maker slide”

This machine also features a Kent CNC dust shoe.

I have an assortment of bits and what not to go with it as well.

I’m located in SE Portland OR.

Sent you a PM. I am interested. Thanks

Still available

Did you ever sell this unit?
Current price?
Any trades?