X Carve 1000 mm For Sale

$2300 Like New 1000 mm X Carve and bits for sale; bought and put together in October 2021 right before new release. Fully functional and operational. Used probably less than 50-75 hours. Works great, just no time for the business side. Selling everything I bought with it (described below) minus a few 1/8" bits and clamps. Waste board does have markings from trial and error.

Pickup in Stafford, VA
X-Carve 1000mm
Engraving bit set, Carving bit super pack, 1/8" V Carve set, 1/4" V carve set, extra dust control system, DeWalt replacement brush

X-Carve Core Components:

DeWalt Router

110V DeWalt 611 router

X-Carve 1000mm Waste Board


Waste board with threaded inserts and hardware

Type: Individual

X-Carve 1000mm Rail Kit


MakerSlide, support extrusions, brackets and hardware

X-Carve Drag Chain Kit

2 drag chains + supports and

mounting hardware

X-Controller Kit

Type: 3D Carving

Motion Controller

X-Carve NEMA 23 Kit

4 motors + 4

cable assemblies

X-Carve DeWalt Spindle Mount


and hardware for the DeWalt 611 or DeWalt 26200



Z-Probe Kit

X-Carve 1000mm Side

Board Kit

Side Board, extrusions and hardware


Dust Control System

1000mm Dust Control System.


Homing Switch Kit

3 homing switches, 3 cable

assemblies + mounting hardware

X-Carve Toolkit

Includes 7 piece metric hex key set, 2mm slot head

screwdriver, 7mm, 8mm, and 10mm open-end

wrenches, safety glasses, all in a black pouch

Clamp Set

for 3D Carving

Includes bases, boosters, arms and

screws to clamp materials up to 1.75" thick.