X-Carve 1000 Waste Board clamping Hole Dimensions for Clamp Making

Hi Professionals
I want to make large clamps(using 1000 mm X-Carve) for holding purpose for which I require waste board holes
Position(X,Y) from waste board’s initial Position (0,0).
30300-03. pdf is for X-carve waste board manufacturing.help required to make my clamps please.

Waste board

I have the drawing in front of me (printed it out a week ago for a special clamp i made), not sure what you are asking for. The hole diameter? that’s on the right of the board, middle of the page

I need exact hole position(X,Y mm) from(0,0) in mm not diameter of holes. thanks.

You will have to measure that on your own machine. The distance from x,y 0 to the holes will be different depending where you have your machine homed.

Home position is same as Waste board’s position (0,0). Marked (Green Line) on attached Drawing

Your question isn’t making any sense to me… The drawing you post has the exact hole positions shown.
In the X Axis, they start at 57.5mm and repeat every 75mm
In the Y Axis, they start at 24mm and again repeat every 75mm

Are you wanting us to guess where you should put the holes for your clamps?
Are you expecting us to write out and document the location of all 100+ holes on the wasteboard? Although I could do that quickly with a spreadsheet I don’t see it would help the community.

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Dear Rick

thanks for reply, Have you ever practically make hole as per drawing using 1000 mm X carve machine or only read drawing.
Please do it. if you only comments then Please first compare Drawing with Physical 1000 mm waste board, and confirm first hole’s position.
is as per your comments or not. is it on as you comments ( In the X Axis, they start at 57.5mm, In the Y Axis, they start at 24mm).

confirm position of First hole on attached Picture.

for your information in drawing hole positions are from board edge not from position 0,0.
I marked two line in below picture:

  1. Red line = position of holes mentioned in Drawing are from this line.
  2. Green line = I request Position of holes from this line(X=0, Y=0)

Yellow Circle in below Picture is machine’s waste board scale Position (0,0) as Printed.
Easel position

from what I measured on my old board.

from your spot you listed as X=0 Y=0 to the first hole (left of the 0=0 position) is 40mm from the center of the hole to the center of the dot.

from your spot you listed as X=0 Y=0 to the second hole (right of the 0=0 position) is 35 mm from the center of the hole to the center of the dot.

from the left side of the waste board to the first hole is 53mm. that is from the edge of the board to the edge of the hole (NOT CENTER of the hole)

from the bottom of the waste board to the first hole is 23mm. that is from the edge of the board to the edge of the hole (NOT CENTER of the hole).

these are the measurements from the old version of the X-Carve 2015 1000mmX1000mm model that I got from Invenables.

hope this helps.

it would seem that @RickSchmalzried was right but as listed on the drawing it is measured to the center of the holes. but I hope this explains it better.

I think I see what you are wanting now.

I measured 2mm from the line to the bottom of the holes.

I didn’t make my waste board exactly as the drawing shows, because the hole position doesn’t really matter. They only place holes throughout the cut area so that you have a relatively easy method of attaching hold downs.
When I made mine, I used a hand held router and simple jig to cut the edge slots, and then using Easle and 3" (which is close to 75mm but not exact) between holes, I had the XCarve cut holes for the waste board (and inner hold down bolts). I then removed the board again, installed threaded inserts from the bottom, and remounted the board. Finally, I rigged up a sharpie (a fine point black felt tip marker) and had the xCarve draw a grid onto the waste board. It actually took 2 markers as there is more feet of line than one thinks at first and it wore the tip off the 1st marker drawing them all.



OK thanks dear for Help

Thanks dear, But i am using x-carve factory made Waste board, that why i have to follow its clamping hole positions.
i want to make Holding Clamps like this.

Silkscreen AI shows the center of the zero “dot” being 3.7376 in from the left, 0.7457 in from the bottom.

I measured it, value varies, to avoid experiments.
if a useful forum available for discussing and professional are also available, so why not we get exact measurement if any body have and share to make my jigs accurate.

Hi justin
please help to get silk screen detail or post link.

It’s all on the Xcarve Grabcad, found via a link on Inventables support site.

thanks Dear

I tried my best but failed to make accurate drills.