X carve 1000

Hi I have recently bought a x carve 1000 2017 version from robosavvy In England however I have to sell it as it’s way to big to fit in my shed I really want the 750 size this is new and never been used as the build hasn’t even been completed yet I will be keeping the dewatering router, dust extractor system this is for collection only from london

You should be able to cut it down to size

Hi if I had access to the right cutting stuff to get the ends of the gantry and rails square that’ll probably be an option think best option is to get rid and go for the 750 cheers

If you have access to a chopsaw or table saw, the aluminum is soft enough to cut on it. You can typically pick up a blade at your local home store for non-ferrous metals. It’s also possible to just use a carbide tipped blade in a pinch. Worst case scenario a good miter box with a handsaw can get you where you need to be with a little more effort and attention.

You could also just purchase the specific extrusions that you need pre cut.

If it was me, and I did not want to try to cut the extrusions myself, then I would just purchase the precut extrusions. It’s very much possible that this will be just as easy AND CHEAPER as trying to sell the machine, most likely at a loss, and then reordering the new size. Most likely you won’t get what you paid for the machine back, many people will come from the standpoint that if they have to pay full price, then they will just buy a brand new unit. So you will have to sell it at a “discounted” price. So either way you will have to fork over some more $$$. Might as well keep the extra extrusions and just order new shorter ones. You could always find a way to repurpose the extra lengths that you have left over by making light rails or a camera slider or even Build a second 500x500 machine later on down the road. With these extrusions and makerslides, your imagination is the limit.

Just food for thought. Good luck.


I agree with @MichaelGrigg. Just cut down your extrusions. You might need a tap to re-thread the holes. You will also have to cut down your waste board if you purchased that.

It deffently is a cheaper option but I have contacted x carve supplier in London to see if I can buy the 750 rails and gantry were board (core kit) I’m waiting for them to get back to me as I don’t want to start cutting rails ect and make a mistake not sure if that option will work

Carbide tipped blade would be best for cutting the aluminum extrusions.
You could even make it any size you wanted. Example if you have room for 825 by 855.

I’ve got a table saw and I guess if I plan it well with the right cutting blade it should be achievable thanks everyone for the advice

I would set up a jig to hold the parts, like a sled. This way ALL of your cuts will be exactly the same length. So that one cut isn’t 1/2 mm or more longer than the others. This will help you when squaring your machine. Just make sure that your cuts are square by making sure your tablesaw sled is square to the blade. So tune up your table saw just for safe measures before cutting by making sure your blade is perfectly parallel with the miter slot as well.