X -Carve 1000mm limit switch installation

I am currently at the stage of installing the limit switches, moving through the instructions I now realise that i have to disassemble the gantry axis to insert the pin for the limit switch! doh!

my main problem is that I have now cut the wires down as instructed 12 feet x2 and 6 feet x1. but i cannot find in the instructions which wirer goes to which switches and how they are run over the machine ?? through drag train. am i missing something? or some part of the instructions.

thanks for any help in advance…

No you don’t have to. On that kit you’ll find insert nuts different than flat nuts. They’re ticker and you can insert to maker slide without removing.

Like this.

The short wire goes to the Y axis. Run the limit switch wires through the drag chain like the stepper motor wires.

You should mark the wires as you install them so you know which wire is hooked to which switch.


How it is inserted into maker slide?