X-Carve 1000mm Vacuum Table

So my first project is to hold down future projects using a vacuum table integrated into the MDF. I didn’t purchase the Inventables MDF because of shipping.


The design uses 1/4" pegboard as my sacrificial work surface. My first cut was a 31" square x 1/4" deep pocket in my MDF. I then put the pegboard into the cutout and aligned the holes. They are on 1" centers. I designed 3/8" wide x 1/4" deep channels to connect all of the pegs, and then will cut two 2.5" holes in the center of the left and right sides for vacuum hookups.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot why my x axis shifts? The belt is tight but i can tell it’s somehow skipping steps. Do I need to turn up my x-axis pot? I’m only using NEMA17s, but I’m thinking about upgrading the x axis to a 23. I’m using a Dewalt 611, 35in/min, 2 flute upcut 1/4" bit, .125" cut depth.

This design also became a pretty good test of the Easel / X-carve precision across the whole work surface. There should be 5/8" squares with 3/8" gap between them. As you can see some of them are rectangles. This is my first project on my new X-Carve- everything else has gone well so far.


There’s a great guide to lost steps here: [Guide] Offset cutting, Lost steps, Positioning errors, etc