X-Carve 1000mm with extra bits & additional waste board - Mount Vernon, IN

Enhance your current woodworking projects or carve/engrave items for resale. Really easy to use and there is tons of instructional videos online to help you master this CNC machine. All you have to do is hook up your laptop and use the free online software to get started.

We paid over $2500 for this machine after adding the new dust collection system. We just don’t have the time to learn it since we use our laser engraver for our business.
This also includes a brand new waste board, clamps, bits, Dewalt 611 router/spindle and Z-probe.
Carving area is 29" x 29" and comes completely assembled so you don’t have to spend hours putting a new one together.
Current retail price for this machine is $2300 and that doesn’t include the dust collection system. I am firm on the price of $1750.

This is pick up only. We are located in Mount Vernon, Indiana.

I would like to talk, have not ever used a cnc, but I been looking. Maybe this could work for me,
xcom123now@gmail.com Joe, thanks

Hi, I am very interested and would love to buy, just one problem I have to wait for stimulus check, so if no one buys this by then please keep me in mind. I’m a Disabled ARMY Veteran and I live 5 hrs from you in Hebron, IN. near Valparaiso, IN. I would be glad to come pick it up. Thank you for your time

I haven’t sold it yet. I have several people interested but no one has said they are going to buy it. I will definitely leave this listed here until I sell it. Once you receive your stimulus money please contact me and I will let you know if it available

hi, what questions do you have?

Hi, do we have pictures ? Thank you

Hi, I’m in Evansville. Can we set up a time to talk about your x carve? You can also find my page on Facebook. the blind craftsman.

Thanks. We sold it

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