X-Carve 1000mm x 1000mm Mirrored Assembly finished!

I just finished Assembling my X-Carve 1000mm over the weekend! It took me like 23.5 hr to build with many many distractions of a baby, a dog, and uh… oh yeah a wife :grin: I was projected to wait 2 more weeks for final box but thank you Inventables for the hard work i received it early and finished the build. I was planning on building my CNC table first however when i saw the final box come in i was to eager and excited to start the building challenge :smiley:

I would like help on what type of table I’m going to make. the X-Carve is going in my office that I share with my wife and the floors are uneven. I plan to build the table in the corner (With X-Control box on right side of CNC) and i plan on shooting the vacuum hose underneath table and making a hole in the back wall into the exterior porch room so it will be a lot more quiet for us. I need to make sure this will not move or rack with the moving of the motors and the weight of CNC plus materials. I do plan to eventually build an enclosure on top but starting with a good level torsion box/ Table top would help me get started right away.

Plywood construction? MDF? 2x4’s? I did think about putting locking casters on it but i honestly don’t plan on moving it. leveling glides maybe. Any insight would help. I want to get it off my current old interior door on its side over saw horses.

Thanks guys!

Go to xcarve workspace showcase here on this forum. There are tons of pictures showing all kinds of ideas. Welcome to the group

Thanks! I didn’t see that forum.Ill check it out and hopefully build something this weekend.

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