X Carve 1000x1000 + Extras - Canada - BC - Victoria - Price drop

Unfortunately it is time for me to sell my X carve. After I got it running, I took more of an interest in hand tools and never got around to using it. I’ve bought the upgrades for it telling myself that I would use the machine but that never happened. Now I would like the floor space in my shop for other things. I probably have less then 50 hours on the machine total.

I have an original X Carve, 1000x1000, with the then optional nema 23 motors. It has the homing switches. I ordered a bunch of extra wiring, wire loom, t nuts, corner brackets, the SSR 25 relay, 4 prong panel connectors ect all come with the machine. There’s enough wiring to rewire the machine.

I have a bunch of extra bits, all unused. 5 carbide engraving bits, 1/8" straight end mill x 10, 1/8" ball end x 10, a 5 pack including 1 ball end, 2 straight bits, and 2 spiral upcuts. A 90 and a 60 degree v bit.

When the dewalt mount became available, I purchased and installed that along with a dewalt router. The dewalt router only has a couple hours of use on it. The original spindle is included.

I purchased the upgrade kit when it became available as well. I have the rail, the z probe, and the x controller/side board all new never installed.

I also have a Super PID, new, never installed to allow finer control of the router.

I’m including a computer to run it all as well, less the hard drive. Computer tower has an older intel i5 750 quad core, 8 gig of ram, and a GTX 275 video card. This ran vcarve pro just fine, and was more then enough to run gcode sender. 24" 1080p monitor.

All this comes in a rolling enclosure, approx 4’ x 6’ and 6’ tall. Enclosure has a torsion table top, and 2x4 framing for the base. Large area for storage of sheet material, large drawer, and a pull out tray for the mouse and keyboard. There is a separate area to house the electronics and help keep them dust free. There’s a swing out monitor mount with extra long cabling.

No I will not part out the upgrades so please do not contact me about that.

As the title indicates, it’s located in Victoria BC, Canada.

$2200 CDN

Edit: Price drop

Hi Jeff,

Is this still available? I am interested and located in Vancouver.



still avail ?

hey Is this still available??