X-Carve 1000x1000 for Sale $500 (SOLD) - Paynesville, MN

We’re selling our X-Carve that we had now for 2 years in our school. Our kids used in in our innovation center for the past two years, and as we’re upgrading to a couple shopbots we’re trying to find someone who will take the X-Carve off our hands. It has been used a lot, and had to have the brushes replaced. Message me if you have any questions :slight_smile:

do you have any photos?

Hi @AnitaFlanders - I’m interested! Have you had any issues with the machine? And can you share any photos? Thank you!

I added a couple :slight_smile:

Hi @MikeWestcott, I added a couple pictures to my description. The machine was working great when we first set it up. As we had different students using it, I think for most part it was user errors. We had probably around 1 out of 5 carvings turn out alright before summer break. Haven’t used it since. The wood we had was also a very hard wood, what we think might be a problem as well. I attach a picture of the projects that I still have here.

Thanks, the photos help clarify the pricing discrepancy & confirm my initial thoughts…
this isn’t the X-carve Pro nor is it 4x4.
The 4x4 x-carve Pro sells new for $10,000… more date if youre interested

This is the Standard X-Carve model, 1000mm x 1000mm size which sells for $2,600 brand new with many upgrades on the current model that would cost $500 to update this older version.
No offense and i understand the desire to recoup funds, but the cnc youve got sells for about $1400-1600 around the community.


Thank you @SethCNC!! Feeling pretty stupid right now… Should have done my research before just assuming that it was an X-Carve 4x4. The teacher who had initially bought it isn’t working here any more, so I don’t have any of the purchasing information. Thanks for clarifying! I will get the description and the price updated!


is this for sale email me at goudemike@gmail.com

Are you still selling your X-Carve 1000x1000? My 19-year-old autistic daughter is starting a business making holiday yard decorations from construction foam. If this is still available please contact me at Ronsdirtydeeds@aol.com. Thank you!

I’m so sorry. It got just picked up today! Hope you find another one for your daughter!

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