X-Carve 1000X1000 with Suck It and J Tech Laser

I am in the market for a X-Carve coming up soon. I have been looking at some of the add ons offered by other company’s. The one thing I can’t find is will the Suck it dust system work with the J Tech 3.8w laser with out having to take one or the other off to use the system.

I have the original Suckit and it has to be removed to use laser. I know they have made some changes to new version and don’t know if it work with latest version.

I have the KentCNC dust shoe and the 3.8W J-Tech laser. I take the dust shoe off to use the laser. But I also take the laser off to use my CNC. I don’t like having it on when I am cutting, the swap from laser to CNC is fast. Two hex head screws and the laser comes off and 1 hex head screw to put the dust shoe back on. The router stays on at all times.

On the suck it when your remove it to use the laser are you also removing the arms and the mounts?

I see you said you remove the entire Suck It. Is that because you have to remove the whole thing? Does the arm get in the way?

I have already ordered my suckit, and i am a week or so from owning a jtech 3.9 laser…
However I am unsure on the mounting options…
the from of the spindle mount looks best, but with the laser hanging so low, it seems like it would decrease your ultimate Z axis travel distance (Depth)… or am I looking at it wrong?

That doesnt really solve the Suckit issue, I like the mount though…

We have a mount for the X Carve and the suckit. There are a few versions to choose from. You can use the existing X Carve mount without the router, the bottom mount with the router pushed up, or the side mount with the router completely installed. Check it out here:

Laser Suckit Blog Post:

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Yes - Ive already bought the 3.8 Laser from another use that no longer wanted his, I have also bought the full mounting kit for it from Jtech Photonix as well as some Laser Plastic shield to cut for my suckit. My main worry was that the mount that attaches the laser to the front of the router, over the suckit would potentially limit my Z Axis unless I removed the laser. Id prefer to leave the laser in place and only remove it in rare instances.

Guess I will know once I get it installed and test it.

The mount in front of the router will allow you to use the shielding piece to make the suckit laser shield. It is very nice because you don’t have an exposed laser beam anymore. However, you need to push the router up a bit so it is flush with the bottom of the router mount.

You will need to take the laser mount off when you want to use the router again. There are just 4 screws to undo and the cables all have quick connects on them, so it takes about 2 minutes. Not too bad of a change over for the added benefit of getting the safety when using the laser. It also helps with processing as the smoke will be sucked out right at where the laser is burning. This vacuum will improve your cuts because it eliminates the smoke blocking the beam and limits the amount of flare up, reducing char. Anyway, good luck. If you have any questions just email or call us.

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Ok - I see. Any chance of a slide or glide that just allows the laser to slide up and out of the way?