X-Carve 2015 with laser and router upgrade to X-Controller

After reading and researching upgrading my 2015 1000mm unit to the X-Controller, I have decided to proceed:

  1. Upgrade Gdbl to Larry’s @LarryM version
  2. Connect @CharleyThomas axis block
  3. Seperate y axis motors
  4. Use @picengravertoo pic sender
  5. Connect Jtech 2.8W laser
  6. Cleanup wiring and layout

Any tips/tricks or lessons learned would be appreciated as this forum has been informative.

I will post the journey.


BLUF: X-Controller upgrade unsuccessful to date.

  1. GRBL upgrade - Complete success
  2. Zero axis - Awaiting resolution of machine setup
  3. Y Axis motors separated but issue with movements. Right starts before left skewing the Y axis.
  4. Picsender has startup Notice and freezes while moving X, Y, and Z axis
  5. Laser - Awaiting resolution of machine setup
  6. Wiring cleaned up; however, additional wiring for automatic spindle control. Will be ordering IOT relay.

BLUF: X-Controller upgrade 50% complete

  1. GRBL Upgrade - Complete, Thanks to @LarryM
  2. Zero axis - Awaiting spindle automatic control wiring
  3. Y Axis wiring - Complete
  4. PicSender - Complete, Again Thanks to @LarryM
  5. Laser - Awaiting control wiring revision
  6. Automatic spindle control scheduled for 06 November, awaiting IOT.


Just upgraded to X-controller and the latest Triquetra toolbox, inserted previous block settings and generated a three axis GCode but the resultant was X and Y shot on and Z greater than 0.75 inch above work piece. Any suggestions?

Z-plate thickness (height offset value) incorrect?

If you follow the instructions in the Triquetra Tool Box for Laser Zeroing you should be good. There are 8 steps to get it setup and after that you just have to load the zeroing file when you want to zero you laser. The 8 steps are viewed by clicking the Buttons on the Laser zeroing page of the Triquetra Tool Box.

If you are still having an issue, let me know and I will be glad to give you a phone call and help you through it.

NOTE: The bit diameter shown here is the diameter of the Dewalt DWP611 spindle WITHOUT the collet nut attached.

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BLUF: X-Controller upgrade complete

  1. GRBL Upgrade - Complete, Thanks to @LarryM
  2. Zero axis - Complete, Thanks to @CharleyThomas
  3. Y Axis wiring - Complete
  4. PicSender - Complete, Again Thanks to @LarryM and updated to latest version.
  5. Laser - Complete
  6. Wiring - Complete

Several project scheduled for the weekend which shall validate above efforts.

First verification test project.
The ability to modify the cut feed rate in PicSender during operation proved very useful.