X-Carve 3D Print an Digitzer VS. Piranha

Very interested E-Carve. Already have a laser engraver but he idea of adding a CN router to my shop makes a los of sense. However, trying to decide between the X-Carve fully loaded or the Piranha. The Piranha is attractive because you can add a 3D Printer and Digitizer. I would prefer the X-Carve as the base system as I thin it is a better value and better overall design. But any plans for either a 3D print head (or can the Piranha had be used)? What about a digitizer? I want to be able to hand carve some items with very free flowing shapes like flowers. Then I would like to digitize them and reproduce the with the X-Carve. Again, can the Piranha Digitizer we adapted? What about software to use with either the 3D print head or the digitizer. Thanks to everyone that reds and responds.

for 3d printer i like ULTIMAKER 2 you check their software (CURA)

I own an X-Carve as well as a 3D printer (a Makergear M2) and while a combined machine that is both CNC and 3D printer sounds like a good idea I think it doesn’t work that way. A 3D printer works well when it’s clean and a CNC makes dust. I don’t even have the 3D printer in the same workshop as the CNC (or my other woodworking tools).

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