X-carve 500x500 mm, cut large pieces

Hello x-carvers’

1st of all let me thank you all for helping me.
i bought 500x500mm x-carve and i figured that i need larger one later, but now i can not upgrade it cuz it will cost me.
Iam trying now to build RC boat from wood, in my drawing, there is some pieces with a size og 800mm x 150mm.
and i need it as one piece, I was thinking that if is any way that i can cut it into two stage where when the 1st cut is finished i can move the piece down and start the second piece and keep in mind that the cut lines must start where the fist one stop.

any ideas please

I describe how I did this to make a table here:

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thank you rmiliano, but honestly i did not under stand well your way of doing this, can you please explain it more

I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

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thank you so much, but i would like to know your way. cuz i own 500mm x-carve and i really need to know it.

1- when i have any piece like this image (1.jpg)

i have to to move the piece down for the second cut and point my bit to the point (the left and right point) and consider the left bottom one as my zero point — right?
2- how we can do this is the fusion360

In F360 there is an option for each ‘setup’ where you can define the home point for the operations.

You can see it being used in this thread where we talk about the Work Co-ordinate System. You can also see the relevant option in the screenshots.

thank you i will give it a try and get back to you

Have you used F360 before?

i tried drawing there and some day, i did the gcode export for the UGS and what happened is that the x-carve keeps going up in the z-axis and then start engraving on wrong height, lots of wrong things happened.

Can i your your way in easle?

I don’t know, I’ve never used Easel!