X-Carve 750mm w/ 3.8W Laser For Sale ($1000) - Central Maryland

I am looking to sell my 750mm X-Carve due to an upcoming move. I purchased it in December of 2016 and got it assembled in March of 2017. It is located in Eldersburg, MD. I basically got it assembled and setup and did a few test engravings and cuts in wood and acrylic. It has less than 5 hours on it. Looking for $1000 but will consider reasonable offers. I would prefer not to ship due to the size and weight but if you are willing to pay shipping I would consider offers.

X-Carve DeWalt 611 Spindle Mount
X-Carve X-Controller Kit
X-Carve NEMA 23 750mm Motor Kit
X-Carve 750mm Waste Board Kit
X-Carve 750mm Side Board Kit
X-Carve 750mm Drag Chain Kit
X-Carve 750mm Homing Switch Kit
JTech 3.8W Laser and Driver Kit

No Spindle included.

Would you sell the laser separately?

For now, I would like to sell the laser with the X-Carve as a whole combo. I will post if that changes in the future.

Fair enough, i live very close, so if you change your mind i can get it any time.

I am willing to pay shipping, can you email me at kenryan 1967 @ gmail.com (remove spaces) to discuss further please? Thanks

Still available?

Yes, it is still available.

Hi Brian is this unit still available?

It is no longer available.