X-carve accuracy Issues

6.34 :slight_smile: and yes, between 0.3mm and 0.4mm. its never exact but its always right around the 0.3.

Hmmm… Ok try this, with the spindle on, jog the Z down just a little at a time until it makes a small circle in the surface of a material that you can measure as precisely as you can… Personally I might use wax or HDPE… Once you have a small pock mark on the material, job the Z back up and turn off the spindle…

Is the hole that the bit made a 6.34mm hole or is it off?

I tried this earlier but really struggled measuring it. I will try this again tomorrow as it’s too late to run the machine anymore tonight. I can spin it by hand and measure, but that wont account for any potential run out


My damn bits are all cutting 0.2mm over! which means that on a square thats 0.4mm, aka my whole issue! Looks like my router has some issues! I have an upgrade coming soon.

Good to hear you were able to track down the problem and have a way to fix it.

It may be that other people having the same problem with there cuts not being correct may also have the same cause of the problem.

Ariel, WA

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So you still have the 24v 300w standard spindle mounted?

If so, there may be a way to counter the runout on it.

Nope, running a cheap makita copy. My Dewalt comes in on the 11th I believe.

Ah, sad.

And the Makita is a great option… too bad that the copy wasn’t up to the standard.

Its most likely the collet. Seems identicle to the makita everywhere except the collet

Did the new trimmer solve your issue?