X-carve acting strange during middle of carve

So my machine has been running just fine for the last few months, I went to run a basic pocket today and about 5 minutes into the carve the machine just stops…sort of. It’s like it lost connection with the pc, the progress bar and everything is still there and here’s the thing it didn’t necessarily stop it’s like it was jogging ever so slowly in the direction it was travelling.
I thought it might be a belt slipping or loose pulley but when I hit stop on the PC it just keeps chugging along. I have to manually turn the machine off and reset. It’s done this twice now and I just can’t figure it out. Nothing about me setup has changed. Any help or thoughts would be great.

Thanks guys!

I’m having the Exact same problem today. Been doing fine for weeks. Is it possible something is messed up for all of us? The xcarve will literally just stop, no warning screen. No “how does it look” screen. Just dead stop. Tried multiple USB ports, reboot etc. Stops randomly in program too

I had the same problem with stopping at an random percentage, then I figured out it might was my laptop going into screensaver :sweat_smile:
So this could be the problem, I tell my laptop not to go into any energy saving mode when on power lane since then.

It’s not the screensaver, as I said none of my configuration has changed in the last few months, not sure if the issue is on my end or if it’s maybe trouble with the easel service. I’ve never had this problem before so not sure what the problem might be

One of the latest updates to Windows 10 reset my USB power settings, if you are using Windows 10 check that out.

Yea I think they’ve rolled out the new Creators Update so it might have reset settings.

USB power settings?

Go to the device manager, right click on the USB root hubs, click properties and uncheck the box on this picture that is checked…
Do this for all USB Hubs in your system…

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I’ll try this tomorrow. Bob, please let me know if you find another solution, I’ll report back as well.

Well, turning off the setting that allows windows to turn off usb power isnt working for me…Any other ideas. Getting tired of scrapping wood

Yeah I tried that as well today and it stopped again, this time later in the carve, also this time the progress bar disappeared and had the green carve button again, so it must be losing connection I’m guessing but I’m not sure how since I said before nothing has changed with my setup, pretty sure my usb cable is just fine.

This bias do not good. Something did change.
I would seriously consider a controller board swap.

RF Noise/USB drop-out will normally just stop the machine dead in its track, not continuously move slowly in a given direction.

If the machine do move, slowly, during a “freeze” I would venture to guess that something trips the “step” comm. on your board. The motor have power, the motor driver just need a “step command” to make it move.

I am really just guessing here, but since the machine move slowly during the interrupt state suggest something different than a simple USB drop-out. What router do you use? Dewalt? If so check brushes for remaining stock.

oh i forgot to mention that this time it didn’t slowly keep on chugging the direction it was going, it just stopped. this time as well the progress bar was replaced with the green carve button. I’m just not sure of the steps i should take in troubleshooting the thing.

It is just a box, 10"x15"x1/4" deep don’t think it’s too complicated, using a 3/4" bit to cut the pocket, carve says it’s supposed to take 29 minutes

I haven’t plugged anything in lately, so I should change the driver’s then maybe?

This is a classic symptom for USB drop-out, either by default (OS told it so) or by RF noise.
RF noise is dynamic in the sense it may appear from outside source or within, for no apparent reason.

Do check your router brushes tho.
Rolling back to known good version may be another valid step to make.