X-carve assembly finished on Christmas

I’ve been taking it slow over the course of this month, and finally got my first cut made today. Kudo’s to Inventables for their instructions and parts packaging: The whole thing went off without a hitch. I built a 3d printer earlier this year, and this was far easier :smile:
What a great Christmas present to myself :wink:

Detailed thoughts on the matter are on my blog:

Really only one question right now (and maybe this should go in the Easel part of the forum?):

Can you manually jog the steppers in Easel? I see you can jog them when you go to home the toolhead at the start of a cut, and when you do the initial machine setup… but how can you manually control them when not in either of those modes? Just a ‘general jogging’? In the 3d printing world (dang similar) most print software gives you the ability to drive around the toolhead before the print starts at your leisure. I figured Easel would do this too, but I just can’t seem to find it. Basically, I’m realizing I need to move the toolhead out of the way so I can affix my material to the wasteboard before a new, since it just ‘stays in place’ once a cut finishes.

Happy Holidays everyone

PS : How does one attach a picture/attachment? I can find no options to do such a thing?

Congratulations on the build. That was the fun part!

To add an image (or any upload), you select the upload icon at the top of the edit window i.e.

You can set up a predetermined location to tell your machine to move to that location at the end of a carve.

Take a look at the G28 and G28.1 G-code threads on this forum.

Thanks @GeoffSteer: Here’s the weird thing: I didn’t have that menubar when authoring the post. But when I go to edit it, it shows up.

Ok, so here’s my obligatory first cut pic! :slight_smile:

Thanks @LarryM : I just found over on the easel forums it looks like you can’t jog them (via a gui). I’ll look into sending the gcode directly.

If you can use the same position each time you can have the G28 imbedded in your tool path file. Most CAM programs allow you to place your own G-code into the post processor so that when the CAM program generates the G-code for your tool path it would include the G28 command. No jogging needed.

Click Carve, jog the machine to where you want, and then click cancel.
That should work!
Don’t worry - this will NOT loose your work piece home either.
When you want to carve again use the “Last Home” button.

Thanks @JeremyJohnstone : That will work for now, just seems like a odd workflow for a new user, but makes sense.