X-Carve axis ridigity improvements? Squaring instructions?

I’ve owned two Shapeoko 2 units, and my biggest gripes about them were the amount of twist that can occur on the y-axis, and the amount of deflection that can happen on the x-axis as the z comes down and the bit plunges into the work surface. Have your design changes improved this rigidity?

Also, I may have missed it, but I don’t see instructions for aligning/squaring the makerslide(s) when assembling the gantry. That’s a bit tricky to do so it’d be awesome to see it done in video.

We are currently working on a “tuning” video that will cover squaring the machine, adjusting the belt tension, adjusting grbl settings etc. Stay tuned to our Projects Page and YouTube Channel for updates.

Any progress on the deflection issue?

Did you see this video about the improvements?

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Is there a squaring Video yet that was mentioned earlier for us Newbies?

Has the squaring video been completed yet?