X-Carve belt upgrade clashes with V-Wheel

I must have missed something when installing the 9mm upgrade belts. On both X and Y I lost travel because the belt and/or the clips get in the way. On the X axis the V-wheels run into the clip:

On the Y, the wider belts no longer fit inside the groove on top of the maker slide. So where the belt doubles up the idlers hit against it and don’t clear over the belt any more:

This happens on both ends of each axis so while it clearly interferes with the homing position markers the main concern I have is the loss of travel to the edges of the work area.

The upgrade instructions say to leave 1-2 inches of extra belt for adjustment. I concede that I left a bit more than that and that I can trim it further but that is still not going to be enough to recover the original travel.

Same thing with the homing position. I can certainly move the markers back but that again cuts the size of the work area. Has anyone run into this? If so, where did I mess up? What are solutions others may have tried?


not a total solution to every issue listed, but you could adjust the belt position and take up more of the threads on the adjustment screw and that looks like you’d get at least a 1/4" on each end from reducing the amount of space used here:

As to the issue of the tail of the belt remaining and the inability to fit underneath the rollers… well, this is a photo I grabbed from the assembly guide… it looks like the intention was to barely leave any extra at all, certainly not enough to allow it to extend so far that it actually ends up under the roller…

Your belts should be sitting flatter with the gantry - screwing down the brackets tight should bend them slightly to add . Yes you can trim some extra length as well. Here’s pics of my setup for reference (installed a week ago), I’ve had no issues with clashing with wheels. Excuse the dust - I haven’t cleaned the machine with air from the last carve yet.

Tightening the belts will also draw them down. The look very slack in the original post.

Good point, Mark. Marco, I used a fish scale ($11 on Amazon - ) to measure and tighten at 3.5 LB at 1" height (measured in the middle of the belt with the machine jogged to one end).

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One thing I noticed was the way in which you fed your belts through the end clip. As you can see in the pictures JamesWNZ shared, the belts are under while yours is over. Changing might help lower the height a little and be less extreme over the end of the clip. Just a thought.


Well spotted Michael, that should make a big difference!


Thank you all for looking taking a look at my post.

I have not tightened the belts because I haven’t finished the full upgrade installation. I figured I send this out before tightening more bolts and then realizing I missed a step and have to go back to fix the belts.

I’ll tighten them and cut the slack as all of you have suggested. As for feeding it over the top, that’s what I get for following the upgrade directions :roll_eyes: .


plus 1 for taking the instructions with a grain of salt at times. I fed the belts the way I did because that’s how the old ones were :joy: