X-Carve: Can it cut Jewlery sheet metal

I’m researching whether X-Carve would be suitable for carving out fine detail pieces from sterling silver, gold or copper sheets for Jewelry. Typically the sheets I work with are dead soft and can range from 30 gauge to 14 gauge.

With CNC Routers is it the bit that makes it possible to work with metal or is it the router or is it the motors of the x-y-z axis drives?

Made jewelry for about 15 years, & have the patent for Easyearwire. the router spins very fast for cutting metal but it will work.
I bought a minimill (HF type) for prototyping and it works very well but is a bit crude for jewelry. All of my Fordom burrs work ok but they are prone to overheating as they have too many cutting edges, If you take very light cuts and feed slowly you should be able to cut out pieces and engrave lines OK. how experienced are you as a jewelry maker?