X-Carve & Chilipepper on Win XP, comm problem solved

I struggled getting Chilipepper to work with X-Carve. Turns out the problem was that Json Serial Port Server was having comm errors when running on a Win XP SP3 laptop. Switching to the 32bit version of JSPS 1.80 solved the problem.

This known issue and its fix is plainly stated in the JSPS download page of Chilipepper, but somehow I missed it and grabbed the wrong version of JSPS for my setup. I’m creating this topic to make this issue easier to find for Chilipepper users when searching the Inventables X-Carve forum.

I’m just kind of waiting for them to fix JSPS, myself. Working with UGCS in the meantime, I started out with that, and it still works fine. :slight_smile: CP is a lot more graphically nice and has a lot better interface, but UGCS is more reliable, as far as I have experienced.

Dan, I’m guessing you’re referring to version 1.83 not being compatible with Grbl on Windows. 1.83 is fine for Grbl on Linux and Mac. At this point you should just use 1.80 on Windows if you use Grbl as that works fine. The big change from 1.80 to 1.83 was support for TinyG G2 which doesn’t help Grbl users anyway so SPJS really is fine right now.

I’ll go back to 1.80 then, and see how it works out. It initially worked, then just kind of stopped working back a few weeks ago. Perhaps that’s the problem! :smile:

EDIT: Hmm, still coughs up gibberish in the console, and the machine doesn’t move from the starting position. UGCS sends the same file fine. Funny thing? It shows correctly in the preview. Just doesn’t send to the machine properly.