X-Carve Clamps

EDIT: A360 Link (http://a360.co/1H88xtz)
Hi Guys, i couldn’t find the design for the style of clamps that come originaly with the x-carve so i made some, dimensions will be a bit off since i dont have the original ones. Let me know if you want the Fusion360 files / NC files.


Please do, I need to make some clamps myself, I’m using Fusion 360 also so this will be a big help.

Ah! Beautiful. I actually just made my first set of real clamps and a threaded wasteboard like 3 days ago. (I have been using screws to attach makeshift clamps for like a year…)

You may also be interested in these:

They have a caming end so that they serve double duty.

I’m pretty sure this is the original clamp file for the xcarve.

Ill share the A360 link when i get home. @TimPiotrowski those clamps dont have the T end or the 45% tapper.

So, it would seem @CristianHinz. I thought i’ve seen a file around for them somewhere.

Very cool, i’d like to get this as well.

Aha, @CristianHinz the DXF file for the clamps is on the page they sell them on. This is where I saw them.

Here’s the Fusion 360 project, CAD+CAM (http://a360.co/1H88xtz)
@TimPiotrowski thats pretty cool, didn’t know the had the dxf, thanks for that!