X-Carve Computer Minimum Specs

What are the minimum specs for a computer to be used with the X-Carve?

The specs I posted were for software. I was wondering about specific hardware requirements. I am curious because I was wondering if something like this would be adequate?


It appears it would be fine for running VCarve Pro, so it should be fine for the X-Carve too, but I wanted to double check before I bought one. Thanks.

His question isn’t necessarily Easel, just being able to send Gcode efficiently to the Xcarve and use the machine, which indirectly means using Easel.

I use a Raspberry Pi 3 with UGCS and am usually around 40% utilization of the Pi. Most like the Java Environment is most of that.

If the computer can handle Vcarve, it can handle running the machine. The machine communication is relatively slow so the hardware requirements are pretty low. It streams and buffers commands to the GRBL controller.

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I also use a Raspberry Pi 3 and use Easel, UGS, Bcnc and others to control the X-carve without problems. So as you can see the requirements are minimal for not only software but hardware as well.

That what I thought but just wanted to double check. Thanks Justin for all your help :+1:

Thanks Kenneth.

Thanks Robert. I was more interested in the hardware side of things. I’ll be using VCarve Pro so I don’t think I’ll ever need to use Easel, but it might be good to learn that software also.