X-Carve Controller Location

Hey guys,

I would like to dedicate a drawer in my Husky Toolbox to house the controller etc. I have the first gen design not the nice looking x-controller all in one black box. I have never really noticed how hot my controller gets and if putting all of the components in a drawer might make things too hot.

The drawer I want to use actually does have some slight ventilation. Its the drawer that is right next to where the power strip usually goes on these husky toolbox units but I have removed the power strip so there is a hole there.


This is the tool box and you can see where the power strip hole would be.

thank you guys very much

Does the machine sit on top of the tool box? Do you just use it for tools and keep it near?

I bet with a few standoffs to space the boards you would be fine. I think my controller only has a 30-40mm fan. surely you could mount something like that if needed. I would assume the board would have the power port somewhere.