X-Carve Convention

I know in AZ, they have had some gatherings where they have the Shark and other CNC machines on display as well as sales and people there showing projects they have built and also people on hand to teach and explain the workings of their products.

These usually co-inside with wood working shows and wood tool shows. So if there are any of these going on anywhere, does any one have the advertisement for them?



We haven’t done one yet but we’ve been thinking about it. Would you be willing to travel or would you prefer it be a local group?

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Frank - thanks for starting this conversation. Building on this idea - it might be interesting to map out all X-Carve owners interested in meetups on the forum so we can get a sense of where people are by region.


I am on another forum that uses a mapping function. I think its powered by Vbulletin, if that helps. Its at www.penturners.org, but it is only visible to members

It takes postal code/zip code along with country and applies it to a map. No personal information is used, and to opt out, you simply don’t fill in those fields of your profile.

Its great to see who is in your area, for possible meet ups.


I cannot speak for others, but when people are doing the same type of things, usually, some great value can be gained. I for one am not very X-Carve smart. So any thing I can beg, borrow, or steal l do. I have not used the forum a lot. I have asked a question or two. The response has good and fun. I am very old to taking up such a Hobby as Woodworking, but we, My wife and I are enjoying working together. She is a great seamstress and she is so meticulous. She does the measuring and I the cutting. She does the designing and I do as I am told. You all have a great day.
Thanks, for reading

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@darrin1200 that’s interesting. Is it like a google map?

It uses something called ZeeMaps. Here is a screen shot.

@AngusMcleod where did you find that?

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I was thinking we could post an opt in map by zip code to see where people are coming from or see how many people are interested and what types of topics they would like to hear about.

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How about we take a little vote?

  • Yes, I would come to an X-Carve convention
  • No, I would not come
  • Maybe

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Its hard to straight answer.

Yes I would definitely come if it was within a couple of hours.
Maybe I would come if it required an overnight.

Do you have any idea of a location yet? If distance is involved the sooner the better so we can plan for it. Just a suggestion. A Sat. Sun, time table might be best. Also it may be well to plan it where other types of interest may be made available. September is not a good time of the year as schools are all starting up. Just food for thought.

I think the first one would likely be in Chicago. Also to be clear this is a brainstorm we aren’t currently planning a convention. I was trying to see how much interest there actually was because @FrankBarker started this thread. There have been questions about this in the past and we’ve had informal parties at Maker Faire that have been very well attended.

I would come to Chicago. Probably would not fly to LA for one.

ZAC, where did you go for the Maker Faire and tell me exactly what that is please. In this day and age the only issue with travel is scheduling as needed. Frank