X-carve crashes and loses track

Hi, I’m writing to you from Italy. I have had the machine for many years and I have always had this problem, I have never solved it because I have always used small objects but now that I would like to use all the available space I want to fix it. when the car starts to go to the distant start the Y axis stops several times, I checked and there is nothing blocking or hindering it, unlike the x axis it seems to have no power because even when you place your hand on it it goes haywire , while the x axis is very powerful also having only one motor. can someone help me?

You are not showing the whole machine in view. Is you other cable chain hitting the wall behind your machine? The cable chain for the X axis looks to be excessively long.
The buzzing sounds like it has power but just restricted or bound up.

It looks/sounds like the acceleration or max feedrate may be set too high…
please press ctrl+shift+D within Easel. Scroll to the bottom, and then provide the machine settings shown there.

They SHOULD match these:

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