X-carve cuts in different location than Easel

Howdy everyone, I am having a few issues in the final stages of my X-carve build, however I have 2 questions. After going through the setup for easel (skipped the homing switches, had nothing but problems with them). I placed my router in the bottom left corner, ( as seen in first image).

However once I start the sequence it jogs to the right and up and actually jogs a little past its limits and whines before starting, after it begins it doesn’t run past its limit again. the default size for the table is 31.5, which leads me to my first question.

Because I made my own wasteboard I might need to resize the dimensions of it for the software, however I am not sure where to begin my measurements for the work area. Should I measure from the point where the drill bit should be for my work area or from some other point.

My second question is that the location I place the diagram in the software and where it winds up are different, below is an image of what I tried to cut and where it wound up cutting.
^^^ Where it winds up cutting.

Any help for either problem would be appreciated.

A few quick things to check.

  1. Are you setting the “home” position during the carve workflow as the bottom left corner?
  2. When you jog the machine manually, does the machine move in the increments you specify?
  3. Can you post a screenshot of your machine inspector settings?
  1. Yes is am setting it to the bottom left corner as shown in the image.

  2. When I jog the machine there is no specified increments I have noticed, just the arrow keys which move it in its specified direction.


It looks like your $100 and $101 settings are a lot higher than what I expect, they should be closer to 40. Have you made any modifications that would require them to be so high? Different pulleys and belts, non-normal stepper motors?

The $100 and $101 are the settings that tell your machine how many “steps” it should take to move each millimeter.


@ColbyHearn - This is what I was suspecting. @RobertA_Rieke is right about the steps if you’re using the stock parts. I would update X and Y to 40 and then follow this calibration video below to calibrate all 3. Robert did a great job laying it out.

I am using 3rd party motors, I have placed their data sheet and the data sheet for x-carves motors below. The only difference I could find is a .2v difference.

The motors I used:

Their data sheet:

X-Carve Nema 23 motor data sheet:

Hey changing the values worked! Thanks for all the help guys I really appreciate it! Going to watch that zeroing video now. Thanks again for all the help I was starting to get frustrated with it but and super happy its working now.