X-Carve Cutting Dimensions Are Off

I am a new user and have been practicing making cuts with the shapes provided in easel. I have been making star, squares and circles. When I make a square 4.05 x 4.05 and set it to cut on the outside path , with a 1/4 straight double flute bit the dimensions that it actually cuts are off. They are between .1 - .15 off of the 4.05 square dimension in easel.

I have tried several other projects in easel and they are all slightly off too. Anyone have any idea’s on how to fix this issue ?

Thank you

You probably have to calibrate the machine a bit closer to your desired specifications.

Check out my 3rd post in this thread. The other possibility is flex in the machine. Make sure the wheels are tight but not too tight., and that the belt is tensioned. These machines do flex some too due to their construction. Check that calibration with an accurate caliper or machinist’s scale.

Calibrating my X-carve 1000 - X-Carve - Inventables Community Forum

If you need more visual aid, there are a few video wallthroughs on YouTube

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