X-carve cutting duplicated

Hi, my xcarve i set to make a cut, then i make the zero ok, the machine do the first cut good, then when its come back to make the way through deep needed, it come and make the cut on like the side and screw all the project, I review all the simulation thing and by there is right way.

This is common when a image tace is done with thick lines and the lines are traced inside and outside.

Can you share the project?

I can make a video showing how to fix this specific project

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thanks for the help, ill wait the video so, inventables helps with standard answers only, and they dont have support on weekends, most people have time for theses stuffs on weekend only lol

thank you

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In addition to what I covered in this video,… looking at your last photo after ended the video, it looks like there are also lost steps in the X, so check belt tension and V wheel adjustments, these are also covered in the calibration section of the manual… Here:

Edit: the Clamps:

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so nice from you, ill watch here and try to fix tomorrow, really appreciate that

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you got the point of the Z stuff, I was pissed because the depth was wrong because i saw that picture the mount flush haha, ill adjust that so.
the bit was to be 1/8" but the 1/8 i have here dont cut all the way deep, so i changed for 1/4 to make a test, bcz its my first time using. 1/8 is about to arrive yet.
but the point is the machine is cutting like crazy, i did a better video for understand that.
Like this video, I just draw a circule, then the machine before complete the circule start another one like 1/2" off the first one, and should be pass many times on the same drawn and go deeper each pass to make the wished depth.
that is the big problem i have.

and again thank you so much, ill adjust the clamps too

What im seeing there is the X loosing steps or the x belt skipping teeth from being too loose… you could run those circles again watch to see if the belt is skipping teeth…could also be a loose wire for the x and that will cause intermittent movement (or rather lack of movement) and that will also look just like the video…
If you remove the workpiece and run it without the router on does it also loose steps like that?

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I want to thank you for the help, you really gave the solution and more than just the solution.
Really appreciate that man.
That video is showing the machine working good now.

Thank you

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