X-Carve decal

it’s on the way!

Thanks for the decals. My X-Carve is finally complete!

Picture proof?


+1 on needing a black sticker … happy to pay, I’m compiling another order anyway.

Yep, sounds like its time for a drag knife…

I am looking the X-carve logo on .svg or .ai, does anybody have it? I was to make the design in illustrator and then import it to easel, so, the easel file does not work for me :slight_smile: Thanks!

I would be interested in a silver one. I upgraded to the new single piece X axis and it doesn’t come with a decal on it (which also cause me to install it backwards the first time) would make the installation fool proof if it was on there but also would look better with it.

I would like to buy a couple of each color as well, would be great if they were available at the store.

Thank you!