X-Carve decal

Is there anyway to order the X-Carve decal (I assume it is a decal) that I see on everyones X axis?

My X extrusion is naked and jealous of all the others.

Do you have black MakerSlide or silver?

Got it.

Thanks (again)!

My Makerslide is silver.

We are looking into getting black ones. Silver on silver wouldn’t look so good.

Ok let me know if you get black ones made.

I also would be interested in some sweet sticker action!

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Ditto on the sticker. I put stickers for companies/products I like on my tool chests, and would love to add an X-Carve (or Inventables) sticker to the collection.

Same :).

Did the black X-Carve stickers ever become available?

I never heard anything back from Inventables about it.

You can download the font, SF Automaton. It’s a free font for personal use. That’s what Inventables uses for their logo.

I just created a crv of the logo and exported it as an svg and eps. The svg shows to upload, but doesn’t appear here.

Inventables_1.eps (9.3 KB)

The X-CARVE logo on the X-CARVE page is an svg. I saved it and imported it into an Easel file. The ® can be added with character code Alt-0174.

The black ones came in. Whoever needs one PM me and we can ship them Monday.

I sent a PM but got no response. Do you still have black xcarve decals?

@JasonOwensby sorry, I missed the PM. Just emailed you and made the request for shipment.


I sent you a PM a few weeks ago.

I think I am getting so many PM’s that they are going below the alert area so I’m not seeing them all. @AllenMassey I emailed you back.

Thanks Zach, I imagine my Shapeoko 1 upgraded to 2 upgraded to xcarve will look sharp in silver makerslide and a black logo.