X carve does not cut a path that is 3/4" wide

I am working on a pen case that has pen channels 5 3/4" long and 3/4" wide. My first attempt was using a 3/4" bull nose bit but easel said there was nothing in my design that I could carve. I switched to a 3/8" bit. The carve started but only cut the width 3/8".
I have used this design before without a problem.
The shape dialog says the width is 5.75" and the height is .75"

I changed the height to .77". Still didn’t carve. I have used the project to make pen cases but used regular Easel. This one was using Easel Pro. So I fooled Easel by telling it I had a 3/8" bit but left the 3/4" bit in. It carved the channels correctly but when I went to the fine cut using a 60 degree V-bit, The V-bit went into the channels and cut steps on the wall of the channels and a groove around the bottom.