X Carve doing cut outs

Just curious how the rest of you prevent carving up your waste board when doing cut outs.
Thanks, John

Put something under the piece you want to cutout and fasten your work piece to it. Then when it cuts thru it goes into the sacrificial piece under it.

Laugh it up if you want, but this works for me. Head to Lowe’s / HD, go to the plank flooring section (the Pergo-esque stuff) find ugly the discontinued boxes on sale, generally the entire “managers special” ugly stuff for $10 for the box. Depending on the size of the project, you can tongue and groove it together, to make bigger sections, or just scroll saw / band saw the size you need. Its cheap, and really flat. Works for me to this day. If you screw up a piece, oh well, it only cost you less than $1.00