X Carve - Doing it's own thing?

Just set up and built the X-Carve. Went to do a test carve, measured and set up the material, checked all x,y,z were working okay. Put a simple shape into Easel, and the spindle seems to be cutting, but no where near the material? I checked the home positon before starting, so i’m really not sure what else to do?

Did you run through Easel setup? Did you choose the right threaded rod type for Z?

Yeah, i choose the Acme, and i think i’ve now double checked everything. It’s now progressed to moving over the wood, but not touching the wood. I have checked the thickness of the wood. But nothing works. Thanks for the suggestion though

have you checked your wasteboard for level? I have some bowed wasteboard places where the first pass doesn’t really cut anything in some areas.

If you put your Z zero point at a high point in the material (either because your bed isn’t level, or your material is bowed up in that corner) you might see some strange results.

How far above the material is it cutting?
After you hit “raise the bit” and then start cutting, does it go back down to where the Z zero was originally set?

How deep is your cut? If you’re z zero is higher than material, and you’re cutting in say less than 1/16" and the gap is that far off, you’d never cut any wood.

Just checked the table for level, and it’s dead on. The only strange thing is, when i hit Raise the bit, it dos’nt raise it just moves the z, x gantrys. Is this normal?

Umm…no. Raise the bit should just raise the bit.

Are you sure you’re wired right into the right X, Y, Z on the board?

If you click Carve, the first screen has the up, down, left, right stuff…can you set that to 1" and then test each axis in both directions to see if they move the 1"?

Go under the machine tab in Easel and make sure the correct size waste board is inputted here is mine for the 1000mm x-carve the 500 would obviously be half. Sometimes I find it doesn’t update from setup

Thanks to you both for the replies. AlanDyke was correct i had mis-wired the Y and Z axis!!!
Thanks again.