X-Carve drops connection to gcode sender

My X-Carve randomly drops the connection to the gcode sender. It has happened several times. Usually just as a job finishes but not always. I down loaded the g-code sender software again and still have the same problem. I have been using this software for over a year with no problem. I suspect it is in the xcarve controller but not sure. Any ideas?

Inside of the X-Controller is a short USB cable. On a 2018 X-Carve that I purchased used I discovered that the cable had experienced so much vibration over its lifetime that the connector on the main board was beginning to come off of the board itself. I removed the connector and cut into the cable and soldered the cable directly to the board, although this isn’t quite the best fix, it worked well for me… But anyway the moral of the story is to open the X-Controller and check that cable, hopefully it’s just a loose cable and not a failing connector like mine was.

Thanks. Mine is a 2018 also so that could be the problem. I will check it.

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