X-Carve dust collection

Curious question. I been reading a lot about the dust boot from “Suck-It” and was wondering everyone’s thoughts. I know you can’t make up my mind for me but I wanted to make an educated purchase. So the “Suck-It” or should I try and create one? Has anyone had good results from the “Suck-It?” Mind you I have no prior CAD experience.

Thanks everyone. :grinning:

Although the suckit does look like a high quality dust boot I would highly suggest looking at @PhilJohnson’s thread about his dust shoe design. I think it improves on some of the design flaws of the suckit and you’ll spend about a quarter of the price making it as you would buying the pre-fab one.

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I’ve had a good experience with the SuckIt dust boot. Paired with a Oneida Dust Deputy and a 5 gallon bucket from Lowe’s, it’s a great mini dust collection system.

Edit: The X Carve is my first CNC experience as well. If you’re comfortable enough making one, I’d go that route, but you can learn a lot from buying one as well.

I made my own long before the Suck-it. It was a good exercise to learn how to go from SketchUp to Easel, and to just experiment in general. It’s not as good as the Suck-it in many ways (height moves with spindle, MDF vs. acrylic, etc.), but it was a great early project. Even if you order one, I’d recommend trying to make one of your own just to get into the thought process.

One good thing about making your own is that you are less hesitant to modify it. I’ve recently drilled a hole into it to attach an endoscope (not shown in picture), something I’d hesitate to do if I paid big $$$.


So maybe I’ll purchase the “Suck-It” and still try my hand at designing one. I really need to find a good project to get my feet wet in Fusion 360. I think I’m going to start using that since it’s free. V-Carve and Aspire look awesome but they are pretty pricey as well.

Also my bad for going off subject.

Thanks for the replies though, much appreciated. :grinning:

Nothing but good things to say about my limited SuckIt dust boot usage. I turned the vac off to hear just the router and you could easily see just how well it was working. I even crashed my router into it and it survived with minor damage.

I’d recommend the new MZD variant of it if you’re going to purchase new from them based on other forum reviews. I’m planning on upgrading mine to the new variant soon.

While it’s not cheap, it’s relatively inexpensive and could be worth getting and if you end up machining your own, you can resell it or keep it for a rainy day or use it while cleanly machining your new design or variants while tweaking the design. This platform is a learning platform for many and, personally, I prefer to use something that I know works until I’m more comfortable venturing out.

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By all accounts I would say go ahead and buy a suckit or similar dust boot if you have not made something before I made 3 different version and probably spent as much as I would of just buying the suckit. I am switching to a real dust collector and built an enclosure that will not need a hose and bracket like this one but that too was another option that I would not suggest until you have a little more experience with the CNC. I will attempt to do a video eventually of this build since the flow theory of dust collection is different then everyone just running a shop vac and a dust cyclone. I will have a custom separation chamber and dust collection export tower. Similar to putting a cartridge on a dust collector but cheaper…

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Its worth it.
before I had a lot of dust everywhere.
Now only a tiny bit here and there.

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Well said, thanks for the insight Phil. By the way, I’ve watched some of the New Brit Workshop videos, that guy is awesome.

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