X-Carve Enclosure Question

Ordered my X-Carve on 12/04 so I still have another 3-5 weeks to go until the parts start to arrive. Figured I would get my enclosure knocked out in the mean time. We didn’t have a good spot in the basement so I had to build an enclosure for the office to keep the dust from making a mess and to sound proof a bit. Used some sound mitigating insulation that seems to do a good job of drowning out the shop vac with the door sealed. Still have to add some trim to clean up the edges and still have to run the shop vac up to the top chamber but overall it should be functional at this point.

The upper portion of the enclosure is 1280mm X 1280mm (L x W). My understanding is that the waste board is 1000mm and the rails/motors stick our roughly 100mm in any given direction. Any reason why I should expand these walls outward a bit? I left the ability to expand the walls outward as much as 2" in any direction but this would reduce the amount of insulation in the walls.

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Wow… you’re not kidding. The pictures say 5/6/2011. You really plan in advanced!

Hah I wish that were the case. This one falls more into the impulse buy category for me.

That’s what i’m hoping for. Packed each wall pretty tight with insulation which seems to work pretty well. WIth the office door closed you can’t really hear it unless you are listening for it.

Just hoping the length and width dimensions are large enough. WIll 1280mm x 120mm do the trick?

This looks like the shop vac is drawing air from the X-Carve space and exhausting it into the shop vac space. That will depressurize the X-Carve space and lose efficiency. I’d think you want to run a hose from the exhaust of the shop vac to the top of the X-Carve space so you’ll have a closed system inside the noise insulation. You’d then need a dust boot with a hose running to the input of the shop vac.

That’s not a bad idea. Can’t hurt to run a second exhaust hose.